Amazon Web Services – A Guide to Implementation

I realise that I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while now, with my last post published at the end of March. Quite frankly, I’ve not had anything interesting to write about. However, career starting pastures new, I’m starting to have interesting things to write about again. Over the course of time, I’ll probably post […]

Amazon S3 CDN distribution for Menalto Gallery 3 v2.1 released

Announcing the release of the Amazon S3 v2.1 module for Gallery 3. A few changes are presented here; Firstly, started using double digits for version numbers so I can create minor revisions Added fields to database to store MD5 hashes of files. These are used to match the MD5 hash of the local file, and […]

Amazon S3 CDN distribution for Menalto Gallery 3 v2 released

Well, after a few weeks of having this module used by many in the community as a beta module, and due to lack of bug reports since, I’m now convinced it’s stable enough to release. So, here it is. [download id=”20″ format=”3″] As always, direct comments, feedback and bug reports to the module’s official thread […]

Amazon S3 CDN distribution for Menalto Gallery 3 v2 BETA

I just posted beta version 2 of this module on the G3 forum. As I wrote there, but will write here too, here’s the changelog: Access Key, Secret Key, and Bucket name validation Ability to upload only thumbs, resizes, fullsizes, or any combination of the 3 Resolved compatibility with crossdomain issue in album organize. Thumbs […]

Amazon S3 CDN distribution for Menalto Gallery 3

Announcing a new module for Gallery 3 by Bluespider Technical Solutions: Amazon S3 CDN This module integrates deeply into the Gallery 3 code, and seamlessly redirects your web clients to your Amazon S3 bucket for content, leaving your web server only the task of serving up the Gallery 3 HTML pages. This module also hooks […]