Global Internet Speeds – A study, and a little bit of a rant

I know this isn’t the usual type of post I usually put on here, and I’m also aware I’ve been neglecting this recently. A lot. I know – I’m working on that! But anyway. I was recently linked to an infographic with regards to a study on global internet speeds – where’s fastest, cheapest, best […]

Speeding Up Internet Access with Firefox

I stumbled across a post earlier today, and I thought it was far too rich and useful not to share. This post isn’t for the faint hearted, as a wrong click on a configuration key not mentioned here could impair Firefox’s performance, or worse, stop it working completely. By following these instructions, you agree I […]

New blog

So having a job in web development doing custom stuff to open-sourced packages, I’ve found the need to have a place to comment on all the oddities, crap and otherwise that I found. I found one site, but it’s not very good. So I’m going to put my stuff here. Maybe if this blog gets […]