Amazon S3 CDN distribution for Menalto Gallery 3 v2.1 released

Announcing the release of the Amazon S3 v2.1 module for Gallery 3. A few changes are presented here; Firstly, started using double digits for version numbers so I can create minor revisions Added fields to database to store MD5 hashes of files. These are used to match the MD5 hash of the local file, and […]

Amazon S3 CDN distribution for Menalto Gallery 3 v2 released

Well, after a few weeks of having this module used by many in the community as a beta module, and due to lack of bug reports since, I’m now convinced it’s stable enough to release. So, here it is. [download id=”20″ format=”3″] As always, direct comments, feedback and bug reports to the module’s official thread […]

Amazon S3 CDN distribution for Menalto Gallery 3 v2 BETA

I just posted beta version 2 of this module on the G3 forum. As I wrote there, but will write here too, here’s the changelog: Access Key, Secret Key, and Bucket name validation Ability to upload only thumbs, resizes, fullsizes, or any combination of the 3 Resolved compatibility with crossdomain issue in album organize. Thumbs […]

Amazon S3 CDN distribution for Menalto Gallery 3

Announcing a new module for Gallery 3 by Bluespider Technical Solutions: Amazon S3 CDN This module integrates deeply into the Gallery 3 code, and seamlessly redirects your web clients to your Amazon S3 bucket for content, leaving your web server only the task of serving up the Gallery 3 HTML pages. This module also hooks […]

YouTube-esq module for Menalto Gallery v3

I’ve been using Gallery2 on my site now for a few years now. I’ve always had issues with it though, due to it’s somewhat overwhelming complexity, the templating system which I really couldn’t even get a grasp of, and based on some framework I really didn’t understand, I got reluctant to attempt to do anything […]