Amazon S3 CDN distribution for Menalto Gallery 3 v2.1 released

Announcing the release of the Amazon S3 v2.1 module for Gallery 3. A few changes are presented here;

  • Firstly, started using double digits for version numbers so I can create minor revisions
  • Added fields to database to store MD5 hashes of files. These are used to match the MD5 hash of the local file, and what the module thinks is uploaded, and also for comparison with S3 itself (which provides an MD5 hash when asked for bucket info)
  • Re-visited re-sync task. Taken out “emptying bucket” code (as there’s really no need it seems), and simplified the whole process, allowing the module to compare the MD5 hash of the local file against the same file path on S3, and upload/overwrite if they’re different, or if the module doesn’t believe the file has been uploaded.
  • Resolved issues of moving entire albums from one location to another and files disappearing. This invoked a re-visit of the move code as well and cleaned up quite a lot of unnecessary stuff.

Download the latest version here: [download id=”20″ format=”3″]
As always, direct comments, feedback and bug reports to the module’s official thread on Gallery’s forums.

Note: I will no longer be updating the gallery3-contrib git repository as it’s just easier to update my site than it is to update a load of other places and wait for pulls to be granted. Sorry.

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