Amazon S3 CDN distribution for Menalto Gallery 3 v2 BETA

I just posted beta version 2 of this module on the G3 forum. As I wrote there, but will write here too, here’s the changelog:

  • Access Key, Secret Key, and Bucket name validation
  • Ability to upload only thumbs, resizes, fullsizes, or any combination of the 3
  • Resolved compatibility with crossdomain issue in album organize. Thumbs are now vended from the local server as crossdomain blocks flash from loading these (though CoolIris is not affected, I’m not sure why)
  • Ability to (if used with updated Scheduler module (linked below)) sync and upload items to S3 via a cron job rather than “there-and-then”. This resolves the upload progress bar stalling/freezing/browser crashing issues while waiting for server to upload to S3
  • Spelling changes
  • Updated S3 lib to ignore SSL certificate mismatches. This resolves communicating data to S3 via SSL if required. The warning is still in place on the admin page though, as you may or may not still run into issues using SSL
  • Added support to move items around S3 when items are moved around the G3 installation. When images are now moved from album to album, the item is moved in S3 accordingly. Images are also updated on S3 when rotated. Haven’t tested this with the Watermark module yet though.
  • Resolved problem validating Access Key/Secret Key/Bucket Name info on first/new install of module (not affecting upgraders from version 1 of this module)
  • Resolved issues with Organize crashing as (0 of x items completed) when moving items between albums.
  • (Potentially) resolved issues that prevented Server Add module from working correctly.

Yet to come:

  • Use S3 for primary storage (useful for low-storage hosting accounts) – This is pegged for v3

You can download it here: [download id=”20″ format=”3″]

Please direct all feedback and bug reports to the thread on G3’s forum here.

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  1. can’t wait to test it out, it’s exactly what i’m looking for! but unfortunately, it doesn’t work in my side. it always says my Access Key/Secret Key/Bucket name are invalid. (i’m so sure the values are right, because i’m using them in Drgondisk – a s3 backup tool)

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