The start of something great (possibly)..

When I first setup this website, it was mainly for my own benefit – a place to note down annoyances, bug fixes, work-arounds for various issues in the tech world. I’d use it to refer back to (or refer other people to) when I’d been asked to help/offer advise on a particular topic that I’d covered previously.


All that seems to have died off now, all the bugs got fixed, and I’m no longer annoyed (LOL -now there’s a dream). So, in order to make it look like this website is still being updated (since I’ve only posted once this year so far!), I’m going to start a series on Magento module development, offering tutorials, how-to’s, tips and tricks, for developing your own Magento modules with. I’ll cover areas such as;

  • The basics
  • Blocks, Models and Helpers in-depth
  • “Mysql4″
  • Using events and observers
  • The administration area
  • Shipping methods
  • Payment gateways

..and much more. Watch this space for what will probably be the most I’ve ever written in a really long time!

I might offer more than Magento tutorials in the future. If you have a particular topic/subject area you’d like me to cover, get in touch¬†and I’ll see what I can do!

-Dan :)